About Me

I love my job! Hopefully I can demonstrate to people that you don’t have to be anywhere near the first flush of youth or to have a dancer’s body to benefit from the Pilates system. 

Having started teaching Aerobics and Step (how I loved Step!) the next step was a thorough grounding in Personal Training with Premier.

My business took off and I loved it so much.

Sadly I damaged my knee after a fall … let’s not go into that! And ended up having 3 procedures to try and fix it. It isn’t fab to this day but could be worse – though I SO miss my running.  

During my knee rehab time I discovered Pilates. And fell in love. And eventually completed the Body Control Pilates L 3 Matwork.

I have spent the last couple of years undertaking the Pi Academy Fully Comprehensive Certificate. This involves 600 hours of study, at the end of which you have a thorough knowledge of Joseph Pilates’ method. I can now call myself a 3rd generation classical teacher.

I have been so lucky to have been taught by the best teachers in Workshops One-to-Ones and Training Programmes. Including (but not limited to)

  • Miranda Bass – author of The Complete Classic Pilates Method – Miranda persevered with me where a lesser teacher may have given up! 
  • Brooke Siler – author of  The Pilates Body etc. Brooke has been (and I hope will continue to be) an inspirational teacher and helps me find the extra 1% rather than settling for 99% in an exercise.  And all in the nicest possible way! 
  • Holly Murray – owner of Pi Studio in Battersea where I am doing my Classical training. So happy to be on this programme with Holly. She wonderfully generous with her knowledge and time and expertise. 

Pilates is a practise. There is no end point. We all have exercises we love (I’m never happier than when I have my legs over my head e.g. Jacknife) and those we hate (Swan springs to mind…) but we must push ourselves to do ALL of them at our own level.


Pi Study Fully Comprehensive Certificate

RSA Exercise to Music 1995(!)

Premier Diploma in Personal Training and Sports Therapy

Body Control Pilates L3 Matwork and all apparatus and props

Special Populations

L3 pre and post natal BCP

L3 Pilates for Older Persons BCP

L3 Pilates for Bone Health issues ( Osteoporosis) BCP