I have been a loyal 'Candy client' since 2013. She is an amazing teacher, ensuring there is the right balance of challenge and enjoyment; whilst always taking into account any physical ailments at the time. She is constantly seeking to improve her teaching, in order to relay new exercises to her classes. There is a mix of equipment used, which adds variety to the class. She is a true inspiration, thank you.


I started Pilates classes with Candy to try and improve my golf swing. Pilates has definitely improved my golf and also my general level of fitness. Great classes.


Thoroughly recommend! Candy is an amazing teacher, explains everything really well, and doesn’t hesitate to correct and perfect your moves as needed! The classes are fun and interactive, and I always leave feeling taller! We work hard and I feel I benefit so much from regular classes with Candy.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Candy’s love of Pilates is infectious. She is so committed to helping each and everyone of her students complete each exercise to the best of their ability. I always feel great after my lesson.

Helena R

Candy Kay Pilates is simply awesome! Candy’s patience, caring and understanding of what is needed for each member of the class is exceptional. Her approach to teaching Pilates means you you can get the best out of every lesson – even if you know it’s going to hurt the next day. One-to-Ones with Candy are even more special. Thank you Candy for all that you do!


I have been attending Candy's pilates class for 7 years now, when she was asked to take over a class I attended previously. Candy took time to get to us all and to understand our progress. She explains the exercises clearly and always ensures we are doing things correctly. And even better, Candy makes classes fun! Thank you Candy.

Alison L

Pilates with Candy is hard work, fun and rewarding. She encourages you to try and achieve to the best of your ability but accepts we are all different and what one person finds easy can be very difficult for another. Candy will spend time supporting you with any issues and will always remind her students that they need to listen to and respond to their own body. Be aware though she has a slightly naughty sense of humour which occasionally comes to the fore.

Jane B

Candy is a unique and highly dedicated Pilates instructor who has revolutionised my deportment and well being. Her classes are always interesting, good fun and, since no two are ever the same, never boring because her passion for Pilates is infectious. Often challenging, usually hard work, but never boring!

She has endless patience and is ridiculously observant. She notices absolutely everything; even during a full class, many times she has swooped up beside me in order to correct the most minute of faults which another instructor would fail to spot. Thanks to Candy, I am able to lead a largely pain free, active life and her classes are the highlight of my week.


Candy is quite simply an incredible human being! She is warm, friendly, incredibly knowledgeable and so very supportive. I had a pretty rough time during lockdown and following a bereavement I had not been very kind to my body! Candy was always there (via Zoom during lockdown!) helping me pick myself back up and get my body back strong again which in turn helped me mentally, I can honestly say I don’t know what I would have done without her during that time. For anyone considering whether to book into Candy’s class, just do it you absolutely won’t regret and you will get more than you can ever imagine out of it.

Emma B

Outstanding classes in terms of content, delivery and support. Candy is the most superb teacher, balancing the needs and abilities of her class with encouragement, belief and great humour.


What I most appreciate about your Pilates classes is that you are brilliant at giving us lots of personal attention within a group setting and yet your class runs without any hesitation or idle moments. This also means that we can all learn from the adjustments you help others with. I love the fun verbal imagery with which you help us achieve our best. Your fabulous, lovely and motivating personality is what keeps me turning up every week! (unless I’m abroad)


Candy has the knack of making classes fun and progressive, in conjunction with individual attention, particularly health needs. Totally recommend this lady who lives what she teaches!


Anyone one who thinks Pilates is a bit slow and boring has not tried one of Candy’s classes! Candy’s classes and one-to-one sessions have really helped me strengthen all areas of my body and improved my breathing and general posture. The huge variety of exercise always keeps the classes interesting.


Candy is an amazing Pilates teacher. Her instructions are really specific, she is constantly checking that we are performing the moves correctly (no cheating possible!) and is mindful of all our various ailments.

Emma A